Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heart Attack!

It has been brought to my attention multiple times recently that this blog is in serious need of an update.  True that.

While we do have some big projects that we have suddenly undertaken around the house (lots of new appliances are involved, in more than one room!), this post is not about that.  

This post was pretty much hand-delivered to me by a friend at work.  

See, this friend was having a tough week last week, so my friend Kim and I wanted to do something on Friday morning to cheer her up.  Kim had heard about a "heart attack" from her church friends, and we decided it would be a fun idea to replicate in our friend's classroom. 

This lovely friend was nice enough to take pictures of what we did and put them into a cute collage, which she mentioned would be "perfect for a blog". :)

Although our signs weren't as cute as I'd hoped (thanks to my color ink running out), it still got the point across!  We put heart cut-outs all over her room (including on her desk, although she didn't take pictures of that personal space).  In other words, we gave her a "heart attack"!  We also gave her a basket with her name on it filled with a few of her favorite things.  

It was fun to try to surprise her and to collect some goodies that we knew she would like.  I am definitely storing this idea in my brain to use again in the future!  It would be fun to do to a friend or neighbor's front door, or in the bathroom for a spouse or child to see when they wake up, or in many other places, too!

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  1. aww ya'll are such sweet girls! that "friend" is lucky to have ya'll!


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