My Classroom

Welcome to Room 4, the home of Mrs. Bouton's Busy Bees!

First day of school; just before the students walked in...

The word wall and cabinets fill up quickly with words and artwork! 

Our crate seats are fabulous for storage (most of them store sets of books/CDs/tapes for the listening center) and are perfect for guided reading groups! They have gotten a little heavy, but my little ones can still pull them out and push them in. I sit on them as much as the kids do!

This is our Birthday Box. It is a big hit! Each student walks in on his/her b'day to find the box, a crown, sticker, and a card & bookmark on their desk. The box is filled with new books (mostly purchased with Scholastic points), so each child gets to choose a book to keep as a birthday gift!

These are my end-of-year gift to my class each year. I buy buckets at Michael's and write the kids' names on them with paint pens, then fill them with the items listed below. The penny & kiss are from the "Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten" book, so we read that first before the kids get to look in their buckets. I also give each of them a DVD that has a slideshow of all of our photos from the year, as well as any videos I've taken.

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