Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sadie bug

Well, this might be a new record... for the length of time between posts. Yikes! Other than my usual excuse of school, this is the main reason I haven't taken the time to blog:

I've been playing with this beautiful little girl named Sadie:

She was our early Christmas present and we have had so much fun watching her grow. 

It has been an adjustment, but we adore her! She is huge now. Looks like a grown-up dog but definitely still a puppy.

We are in the middle of obedience classes right now, which means much of my summer has been spent practicing with her and doing "homework". She is very smart and learns quickly... but she is also full of SO. MUCH. ENERGY!

She went to the beach with us for New Year's and it was precious. She loved digging in the sand and trying to drink the water. We can't wait to take her back. 

When we can, we get her together with her two sisters who live in the area.  

Two of my co-workers have her sisters (they were actually delivered to us at school on the last day before winter break!)

Cuteness overload, right? 

I have plenty of house catch-up to do on the blog... whenever she'll let me!  

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