Monday, March 5, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

The first dream that came true today is finally getting a real snow day!!  There was not much snow on the ground, but who cares?  The only other snow day we had this year came on a teacher WORK DAY, so it didn’t count.  So exciting!!

A typical snow day for me = organizing something OR spending hours on the computer.  Today, the computer won.  I played on Pinterest, downloaded fonts, read blogs, etc.  Our house is a bit of a mess, so I feel like organizing wouldn’t be a fantastic use of my time... it’s not like it’s going to make a difference in this disaster!

Though that does lead me to dream #2... which is in the process of coming true.  Our house is a mess right now because we are beginning “Update the Kitchen: Phase 2”.  This is the phase that I’d planned on happening faaaarrr in the future, but it is happening now!!  The last time I posted about the kitchen, it looked like this:

I also posted about building the window seat (although it is still waiting for me to overcome my sewing fears and make it a cushion).  

We also bought a buffet from Craigslist that will go on the long wall in the breakfast area.  My plan is to paint it white, although that could change.  I don't want it to be a wash-out.  We will probably switch the table, and obviously need to move the pendant light over now that the table has moved.  I’m thinking maybe a white plate collage over the buffet?  No matter what, that area is not even close to finished!

We have also brought in an old dresser of my mom’s to use as an island.  It’s been sitting in the middle of our kitchen for months now, and we’ve officially decided that we like it.  It doesn’t get in the way and gives us some extra counter space.  Plus more storage, which is always a plus. 

As you may or may not be able to see, the dresser needs a little work.  The original plan was to paint it the same color as our lower cabinets.  Then I really liked the wood look, so we thought about just trying to re-stain it... but I think we’re back to painting.  I also kinda need to get the drawers from my mom’s house... and figure out what to put on the top for a more usable counter top.  I’ve been thinking carrara marble.

carrara marble image from here

We are going to wait to make that decision until our NEW COUNTERTOPS AND APPLIANCES are in (!!!!!)  We finally made some decisions and bought our refrigerator, dishwasher, and range over the weekend.   

 Our new appliances, all from Sears.

I'm excited, of course, about the new appliances.  The dishwasher is supposed to be incredibly quiet, which will be such a change from our current one, which sounds like a never-ending freight train!  I am MOST excited about our range, though.  I have wanted this range for (literally) years.  I even convinced my parents to get it when they bought the appliances for their new kitchen!  Luckily they have loved it, and we are pumped to get one for ourselves.  I am soooo excited to get ride of the typical free-standing range.  I can't wait to clean this one!  It will be so much better.  

We also narrowed down our countertop choices.  I have REALLY been wanting soapstone for the longest time. 

soapstone image from here

But... when we went to the stone yard, we really loved the leather-finish granite options.  We didn’t want the typical shiny granite that everyone seems to have these days, and the leather finish gives it a completely different look, without the added early maintenance of soapstone.  Plus, hubby didn’t really feel strongly about soapstone like I did, and he LOVES the leather-finish granite.  So... we’ll see!

Of course, along with new countertops comes a tile backsplash.  We don't have a backsplash right now, which has been fine (especially since we love our paint color!) but we think tile will really bring a finishing touch to the "new" kitchen.  I have always had a slight love affair with penny tile, and always dreamed of having a place (or two!) to use some in our house.  

penny round image from here

We got some samples from The TIle Shop this weekend (shown in the same picture of the buffet from above).  Both of us really like the furthest color, "Moss".  It is mainly gray, but with some greenish shades, so I think it will really coordinate with our wall color.

So, the to-do list includes:

- paint dresser for island
- paint buffet?
- sew cushion for window seat
- install new appliances
- have new counters installed
- pick out & install island counter
- decide on backsplash tile
- TILE the backsplash

Also very high on my priorities list is to replace our AWFUL fluorescent light fixture with recessed lighting!  Fingers crossed that gets done soon, too!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Heart Attack!

It has been brought to my attention multiple times recently that this blog is in serious need of an update.  True that.

While we do have some big projects that we have suddenly undertaken around the house (lots of new appliances are involved, in more than one room!), this post is not about that.  

This post was pretty much hand-delivered to me by a friend at work.  

See, this friend was having a tough week last week, so my friend Kim and I wanted to do something on Friday morning to cheer her up.  Kim had heard about a "heart attack" from her church friends, and we decided it would be a fun idea to replicate in our friend's classroom. 

This lovely friend was nice enough to take pictures of what we did and put them into a cute collage, which she mentioned would be "perfect for a blog". :)

Although our signs weren't as cute as I'd hoped (thanks to my color ink running out), it still got the point across!  We put heart cut-outs all over her room (including on her desk, although she didn't take pictures of that personal space).  In other words, we gave her a "heart attack"!  We also gave her a basket with her name on it filled with a few of her favorite things.  

It was fun to try to surprise her and to collect some goodies that we knew she would like.  I am definitely storing this idea in my brain to use again in the future!  It would be fun to do to a friend or neighbor's front door, or in the bathroom for a spouse or child to see when they wake up, or in many other places, too!

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