Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hiatus, much?

I've decided to compare our blog to my use of facebook.  See, when I was a freshman in college, facebook was just starting to be popular (back when you could only use it if you were actually in college), so of course I started an account.  I didn't even make a profile, and I logged on maybe twice in the first year or so that I had it.  Next thing you know... everyone was on it... I became obsessed... and subsequently wasted an ungodly amount of time on that site every day (but don't worry, the obsession subsided after a couple of years).

Anyway, the point is that clearly the blog has been neglected, but I'm here to give it another shot.  I have plenty of excuses, of course... mostly involving spending lots of time here (my classroom):

Of course, it's now almost a month and a half into my summer vacation, and I'm just now doing this?  Yea...   

So anyway, we have lots to share (with the 3 whole people who might read this :) plus ourselves... 'cause it'll be fun to look back at in a few years!)  For now, I'll just share our latest project, which was for our bedroom.  I haven't taken any great pics of our room, mainly because it's been so unfinished.  This is the one pic I took awhile ago.

Super.  Now you know what our bedding & my bedside lamp look like, with totally inaccurate lighting & paint color!  Really, all we have left is finishing the art/putting an end to the empty walls.  We still need to finish the art for over our bed, and the other place we needed something was on the wall between our closet and bathroom.  Here is what that wall looked like before we moved in:

Whoa, Carolina blue (for the record, Stephen loved this color in support of the Tar Heels).  Here is what it looks like now:

I got these three frames at a thrift store downtown ($2.98 each... can't beat it!) and immediately spray painted them white. 

The two square frames came from the dollar store.  I didn't want to spend forever trying to figure out what to put in the frames, so I just did a few quick craft projects with some scrapbook paper and gift wrap (and a quick photo collage we printed).  We can always change them later! 

I have to admit though, it took forever to finally finish this.  I had the ideas all planned, the frames painted, and one of them finished, and then they just sat... for months...  I couldn't find the right paper for the two larger frames, and I didn't have lots of time to spend looking.  So, they just got pushed to the back burner.  But then a week or so ago, a local company (Ink & Paper) had a sale on their gorgeous paper products (including amazing gift wrap), and I found lots of gift wrap sheets that were the perfect prints, and the perfect size to finish the project.  Yay!  So now it's done (for now).

Just a bird silhouette (that I printed from Google images, then traced onto cardstock), a sand dollar glued onto pretty paper (this frame came without glass, so it was perfect for something 3-D; I had originally thought about using fabric for the background, but figured paper would be easier to dust), a "B" which was also printed & traced, and a paper-wrapped mat around our photo collage.  The other square frame is just a small piece of my favorite Ink & Paper gift wrap.  So there it is... easy as pie!  Actually, much easier than pie. 
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