Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sew Much Fun - Camera Straps

In December (yea, as in last YEAR), I decided that I wanted to make a cover for my camera strap.  

I saw them all over the "blogosphere" and figured they couldn't be too difficult to make.  I even gave my sister one for Christmas.  Actually, I gave her an IOU coupon for one since I didn't have any made in time for Christmas!  

Fast forward 6 months (ridiculous) to this summer, and I finally make the time to sew a few strap covers.  They were fun to sew, and didn't take too terribly long either.  

The ones without the ruffles took less than a half hour each, including the cutting, ironing, and sewing.  The ones with the ruffles took closer to an hour.  I roughly followed tutorials from here and here.

The one above was nice because the ruffles are actually ribbon from Hobby Lobby.  Time saver!  I also bought some wide grosgrain ribbon to try as an accent... whenever I get around to making more.  

I gave away a few of them, but still have a few to switch out on my own camera.  Fun!  Next up on the sewing table:  roman shades for the french doors, a window valance for a friend's classroom, and some sort of window treatments for the office.  Maybe a couple of new pillows, too.  Sew fun :)

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